Coal Petrography

ERC petrographers hold International Committee of Coal and Organic petrology (ICCP) accreditation in maceral group analysis; vitrinite reflectance and vitrinite reflectance of dispersed organic matter. ERC is experienced in petrographic analysis of coal and petroleum source rocks from most coal and oil and gas basins around the world. Petrographic analysis is carried out on polished grain mounts using high quality German microscopes fitted with state of the art software. Maceral analysis, reflectance analysis and fluorescence observations are routinely carried out. Our petrographers are experienced in coals of all geological ages and ranks, from peat to meta-anthracite. We are experienced in analysis of coal blends, heat affected coal and oxidised coal. These petrographic analyses are used for coal rank evaluation and assessment of coal type, both of which impact strongly on coal usage and gas storage capacity. Results are reported to industry best practise in standard reports . Adsorption isotherm and coal properties analysis can be carried out in conjunction with the Petrography.

Example of Petrography Report