Programmed Pyrolysis by HAWK (“Rock Eval”)

  • ERC operates a HAWK instrument
  • All the classical pyrolysis parameters (S1, S2, S3, S4 and Tmax) and TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
  • A full suite of derived parameters (OI, HI, Production Index etc)
  • Organic matter typing using a pseudo-van Krevelen Plot
  • All data including pyrograms reported in excel {HAWK Data Reporting Example.xlsx}
  • Carbonate carbon content of samples as CaCO3 equivalent
  • Thermal maturation studies by using Tmax are most powerful when combined with vitrinite reflectance of the dispersed organic matter (DOM)
  • Both analyses are recommended in all cases as they provide an independent quality control of each other
  • Optical studies may also allow unusual pyrolysis data to be explained